Swingpact Golf Swing Trainer

Posted in Training Aids by on February 8th, 2011

After having been around golf for a while and particularly having spent years writing about the game and equipment it’s easy to become a bit jaded. Whether it’s the latest and greatest, “You’ll hit the ball 30-yards farther!” driver or a training aid right out of Dr. Jeykll’s lab you kind of feel, “been there, done that.” So when the information about another swing aid crossed by desk I put it in the, “when-I-have-the-time file.”

However looking more closely at the SwingPact and reading the literature it was apparent there were no extravagant claims, hyperbole or even scantily clad models…this might be worth trying. Off to the range and after just a few swings the verdict was simple – it works.

After having six other “range rats” use it, their responses ran from, “neat, interesting” to asking where they could buy one.

The Swingpact consists of a plastic arm with a curved channel on one end and a rubber-tipped prong on the other. Using it couldn’t be simpler, Place the end with channel between the third and fourth fingers of the left hand, grip with the right hand, address the ball and position the wrists so the rubber prong just touches the left forearm. Then make a swing keeping the prong touching the forearm until the club is about waist high. On the downswing the rubber prong comes in contact with the left forearm at about waist high and stays there through contact to waist high on the follow through. MORE…


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